HCM Tips: Driveway gates now or later?


You’re doing a landscape remodeling job at your house and you want driveway gates but can’t fit them into your current budget. You can always do the gates later but if you do some of the prep work while you are doing the current project it will save you a lot of money down the road.  You should get all of the underground work done such as the conduits from the house for power and phone, the safety and free exit loops  and the grade beam for the columns.  These items are a small part of the cost of the whole job but could cost much more if you have to pull up the driveway or dig into the landscape at a later date.  If you are thinking of doing gates and aren’t sure of what to do just give us a call or email us at hcmetalbender@gmail.com and we can come out and talk it over with you.

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