We work directly with architects, designers and contractors during the initial planning process to ensure that our work complements and enhances the overall concept envisioned by the client. When working with existing structures and themes, we ensure that our additions harmonize with them and highlight their surroundings.

Our Project Process

Inspiration & Vision
Architectural Drawing & Specification Development
Project Bid
Site Feasibility & Planning
Product Manufacturing
Supply Distribution or Supply + Installation
Project Walk-Through
Project Completion

Who We Work With

Architects & Interior Designers
General Contractors
Business Owners
Home Owners

Services We Provide

Design Services
Architectural Guidance & Inspiration
Custom Product & System Manufacturing
Product Supply & Distribution
Certified Installation Services

HC Notes: As the architect or designer, you encounter many obstacles in dealing with the design of a project such as increased planning, building and engineering requirements balanced by the client’s desires. We will work with you through each stage of the project.

HC Notes: We maintain accuracy by submitting preliminary and final designs that are created and improved using our state-of-the-art CAD drawing system.